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  • Occupation: Senior Accountant
  • Tenure: 6
  • College: Rutgers University

Biggest Fear: Losing the people that I love

Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done: I’m a play-it-safe kind of girl, so the craziest thing I’ve ever done was probably working up the courage to try out for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders for the first time in 2009.

What you like to do in your spare time: I love to play card games, board games and do puzzles.

Favorite Quote: "How glorious it is--and also how painful--to be an exception" Alfred De Musset

Favorite Movie: "How Do You Know" because I was casted as an extra, along with several of my friends.

Favorite TV Show: "Grey’s Anatomy"

Famous person you would most like to spend a day with: Taylor Swift. I think she’d be a ton of fun and I’d love to see what a day in her life would be like.

Your go-to Philadelphia area restaurant: Chickie’s and Pete’s

Favorite cartoon character and why: Tinkerbell, which is my Dad’s nickname for me

Something on your bucket list: To cheer at a Super Bowl!

Pre-game superstitions or rituals: I always say a prayer to myself while I’m waiting in the tunnel before we walk out for our pre-game routine.