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  • Third Downs Critical Focus For Defense

    Third-and-long. It's supposed to be an advantage for a defense. That wasn't the case on Sunday for the Eagles against Washington, and it's a point of emphasis for coordinator Bill Davis and his coaches this week ...

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  • Eagles 360: Episode 19

    (28:45) Posted 12 hours ago

    Brian Westbrook joins Dave Spadaro in studio to analyze a "Jekyll and Hyde" offense through the first quarter of the season and we get the latest news from head coach Chip Kelly ...

  • 360 Update: Eagles Are Still Standing

    (2:34) Posted 14 hours ago

    In Monday's 360 Update, hear from head coach Chip Kelly on what the Eagles need to do to improve upon their 1-3 start, plus find out what the head coach expects to see next Sunday against the New Orleans Saints …

  • Press Pass: Chip Kelly

    (16:21) Posted 17 hours ago

    Head coach Chip Kelly reiterated confidence in the team that he put together on Monday, explaining that execution on just a handful of plays will make all the difference ...